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Main Office

Bridget Veracka

My name is Bridget Veracka, and I have worked at Thetford Elementary School since 2017. I started in the classrooms as a paraprofessional, and in 2019, I moved to the front office to be an Administrative Assistant. I live in Thetford with my husband and three daughters.  When I'm not at TES, you'll find me on a beach in Maine, reading a book, or talking to the ocean.


Cynthia Odell

My name is Cynthia Odell.  I work in the office with my very capable colleague, Bridget Veracka.  (Bridget is generally the face you see when you come to the office, and the voice you hear when you call on the phone.)  I am on the other side of the office taking care of finances.  

I have lived in the Thetford area for 45 years, and have worked at TES for 27 years. Recently, my husband and I sold our home, and we're in the process of moving to a neighboring town, where we're building a smaller house.  We are blessed with two grown children and three adorable grandchildren.