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Nicole Kendall

About the Teacher:

Nikki Kendall has been part of the TES community since 2013, and has taught several different grade levels. For the last five years, she has been enjoying her work with fifth and sixth graders. She previously worked as a primary teacher and reading specialist in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Nikki has brought her prior education in animal science and passion for the outdoors to her current position by designing and facilitating a “Farm Animals at School” PBL (project based learning) integrated curriculum. This has included persuasive essay and grant writing, shelter and fence design, health and veterinarian care, and contributions to the school compost system. Her students are responsible for daily care of the school goats and are currently planning to celebrate their work by hosting a spring fair for the school and families.

Outside of school, Nikki enjoys hiking, biking, skiing and spending time with her dogs and horses. She has also traveled extensively in Central America and Europe, and most recently visited Japan with her mother and two daughters.