Thetford Elementary School

Together Everyone Succeeds

Thetford Elementary School is a collaborative community that cultivates the whole child.

TES promotes a balanced approach to personal growth through a vibrant educational environment.

We emphasize life-long learning, nurturing individual pathways, and fostering global citizens.

Thetford Elementary School (TES) currently serves 206 children in grades K-6.

Our dedicated staff includes experienced classroom teachers, para educators and

support staff. The program of studies is focused on a standards-based curriculum

and includes place-based science, social-science units and Project Based Learning.

The town's children continue their secondary education at Thetford Academy (TA),

the oldest private secondary school in Vermont.

Important Notices, Dates & Events

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TES Return to School Registration 2020

Please fill out the TES Return to School Registration form (link above) to register your child(ren) for one of the two learning options. ***IMPORTANT: We need a commitment from all families by midnight on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Please find links and information for the latest updates on COVID-19 and how OESU and the State of Vermont is responding.

**Reminder for dropping off and picking up students:

Thetford Elementary is staffed contractually from 8AM to 3PM. Please be sure to make plans for your child outside of those times.

Check your email regularly.

Structure your family's academic, creative, play, and relaxation times.

Contact your teacher with academic questions.