Thetford Elementary School

Together Everyone Succeeds

Thetford Elementary School is a collaborative community that cultivates the whole child.

TES promotes a balanced approach to personal growth through a vibrant educational environment.

We emphasize life-long learning, nurturing individual pathways, and fostering global citizens.

Thetford Elementary School (TES) currently serves 206 children in grades K-6.

Our dedicated staff includes experienced classroom teachers, para educators and

support staff. The program of studies is focused on a standards-based curriculum

and includes place-based science, social-science units and Project Based Learning.

The town's children continue their secondary education at Thetford Academy (TA),

the oldest private secondary school in Vermont.

Important Notices, Dates & Events

**Reminder for dropping off and picking up students:

Arrival Times

A-M - 8:30-8:35 AM

N-Z - 8:35-8:45 AM

Dismissal Times


A-M - 2:45-2:50 PM

N-Z - 2:50-2:55 PM

Dismissal Time


A-M 12:30-12:35 PM

N-Z 12:35-12:40 PM

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PO Box 182, 2689 VT 113

Thetford, Vermont 05074

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