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School Board

The Thetford Town School District Board consists of elected board members who are responsible for ensuring an education for all students in the community, and overseeing the operation of Thetford Elementary School, a K-6 school with students from the community of Thetford. 

Board meetings take place on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at Thetford Elementary School. Meetings are open to the public. Community attendance and participation is always welcome! 



Julie Acker 

Job Title: TTSD Board Chair | Term: 2020-2023

Nicholas Cook 

Job Title: TTSD Board Member | Term 2022-2025 | OESU Board Member

Greta Marchesi 

Job Title: TTSD Board Member | Term 2022-2025

Donna Pluta 

Job Title: TTSD Board Member | Term: 2021-2023 | OESU Board Member

Megan Snider 

Job Title: TTSD Board Vice-Chair | Term: 2021-2024 | OESU Board Member