Outdoor Spaces

TES Outdoor Spaces

Thetford Elementary School views our school grounds as a natural classroom rich with opportunities for students to learn and be active and joyful. Students and staff care for extensive gardens, berries and fruit trees which support classroom academics, provide food for school lunches, and foster environmental stewardship. We recycle our waste and run an award-winning, student-operated composting system. Promoting good health through active and diverse play can be witnessed by students playing hard at recess through every kind of weather. We are always happy to share the not-typical schoolyard features of our playground with the community: a bike path and pump track, zip line, climbing wall, sledding hill, skating rink, wood’s play area, an outdoor music island and a beautiful mini-park with seating, giant sandboxes and shade.

Core Values of the TES Outdoor Spaces

  • Care – for earth and people, especially children

  • Share – resources and opportunities with the community

  • Fresh Air – to promote the cognitive, emotional, behavior and spiritual benefits of green spaces and outdoor learning for our students and surrounding community.

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