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About the Program:

I have chosen five sets of instruments that the classes will be rotating through. Each class will play a set of instruments for two consecutive weeks and then move on to the next set. These instruments include Djembe Drums, Handbells, Boomwhacker, Classroom Percussion Instruments, and Xylophones. In the Spring, I am planning to have a week of classes dedicated to dancing. We will learn several dances that are often performed at large gatherings such as school celebrations, parties, and weddings. 

My goal is to offer a variety of experiences in music class. Our focus will be on building skills and vocabulary to develop musicianship and help students better understand and appreciate all forms of music. 


We will learn about the parts of the Djembe Drums and the different sounds that the drums can make. We will practice proper playing techniques, perform several different rhythm patterns, and also play some fun games. 

The Handbells that we have at school are different colors which correspond to the different pitches. We will learn about the notes in a musical scale, practice proper playing techniques, compose a class song, and even play songs that have been color/letter coded to match the handbells.  

The boomwhackers are plastic tubes of different color and size. With these fun instruments, we will compose a class song, practice proper playing techniques, learn about the notes in a musical scale, and also play songs that have been color/letter coded to match the boomwhackers.  

The Classroom Percussion Instruments include hand drums, tambourines, triangles, rhythm sticks, wood blocks, egg shakers, cow bells, and cymbals. We will learn the names of each instrument and how to play them. We will practice keeping a steady beat, explore playing at varying tempos (speeds) and dynamics (volumes), and practice different rhythm patterns. 

The Xylophones are very colorful. They match the colors and pitches that we use for the handbells. We will learn about the notes in a musical scale and connect that to notes on the staff. We will also learn about notes and rests in common time signatures. Students will be given written music to play. They will also be given the chance to compose their own songs.  


About the Teacher:

My name is Katherine Hollander and I am the music teacher here at Thetford Elementary School. Music has always been a big part of my life. I participated in band, chorus, and theater in my elementary and middle school years. When I got to high school, I decided that I wanted to put my focus into chorus, and theater. I really connected with my chorus teacher. She is the person who inspired me to want to become a music teacher.

In the fall of 2005, I was enrolled in the Music Education program at Castleton State College. I graduated in 2009 with a BA. I landed my first teaching position in 2010 in Island Pond, Vermont.

In 2013, I moved back to my home town in South Berwick, Maine and got married to my husband, Daniel. Four years later, we had our first child. In 2018, we moved to Randolph, Vermont, where we currently live. In 2020, I was hired to teach full time at Thetford Elementary School.

When I’m not teaching music, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Daniel, and our two children. Some of my favorite activities include watching movies, playing board/card games, cooking, and cuddling with our three cats. I also enjoy camping, spending time at the beach, and going to amusement parks.