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Cindy Dale, School Psychologist

I was born in Rhode Island, where I grew up swimming in cold water and raking for fresh clams. I received my bachelor's degree from Boston University and my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, Lauderdale, Florida.

 I lived in south Florida for seventeen years before moving back to the northeast and settling in Vermont, the most beautiful state in the union! My husband and I live in White River Junction where we stay busy fixing up our "fixer-upper house" and spending time with our neighbors. We have three grown children and our favorite times are when "the kids" are home to visit, and we head to the beach or out snowshoeing. I am a relatively new convert to gardening, which has become my favorite hobby, with crossword puzzles and monopoly marathons to sustain me in the colder months. For most of my career I had a private practice, taught college courses, and worked in non-profit mental health as a program director. It has been a great joy to return to working with children.

Bill Temple, Behavioral Interventionist

Sara Bailey, Guidance Counselor